About Us

OOO NILTORG  is a modern, rapidly developing company, one of the leaders of the market in Swiss, Italy and in Russia and CIS countriies. OOO NILTORG has regional offices in the cities  like Saint Petersburg, Rostov- on Don-, Krasnoyarsk, Kransnodar. Apart from Russia, OOO NILTORG also have Import and Distribution operations in Kazakshtan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, Swiss and in Italy. The Company is beholden for its successful development to a professional business team, deep knowledge of all aspects of EU and Russia CIS  pharmaceutical market, and development strategy aimed at establishing complete solutions for each of the priority areas.

The company develops its business in a strategic partnership with the leading manufacturers of innovative medical products. One of the key factors in achieving mutual success is the sustainable development of complete solutions for various sectors of the Russian medicine, ranging from diagnostics and treatment at the hospital stage to ensuring availability of quality medical products to reimbursement system throughout Italy, Switzerland and in Russia and CIS countries.



Our experienced staff in regulatory department performs the registration of Drugs for Medicinal use and Medical Devices of Class I, II and Class III as per Federal rules and regulation of Medical Devices Act of  EU, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Our regulatory staff also takes care of post- registration certification of the products, issuance of Import permission, Declaration of Conformity, etc.

 Logistics, Customs and Warehousing-

We understand an importance of delivery of the stock in time and we deliver the stocks to our customers within a minimum time frame, which is extremely important for customer satisfaction. With the help of 5 logistics and distribution centres across the region OOO NILTORG delivers the stocks through TNT, Pony Express, Russian Railways, DHL and Fedex Cargo services. All our warehouses are strictly follows the norms of internatonal standards.

Import, Marketing and Distribution-

OOO NILTORG imoprts, markets, and distribute Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceuticals and Medical Devices products.